Japan Journal-3

Onwards ye maties.

Today I am posting two photos of Toyohashi Station. The first one is in the night (apologies if not very clear) . Toyohashi station has some awesome shopping in the inside. SALE is a sign that you will frequently see in the stores. Our favorite was Kalmia's, which housed a great clothes store. Japan is overpriced when it comes to clothes, but if you are patient you can strike a real bargain.

Toyo Station at Night

Hopefully you can see the fountain and the shops if front of the station. (will post better phots next time) .
Toyohashi Station in the Day

This is the same view, but in the day. (the yellow sign says Promise in katakana) What you see here is a regularity in most stations in Japan. These local bands play a small gig and there is always an audience to cheer them on. There are also these single guys, playing love songs, with an audience of a few ladies listening with a love-lorn look in their eyes.

I had promised a cycling trip this post, so here goes. This place is not too far from the station. I forget the time of the year, but there is a huge festival held. The main draw is firecrackers. What is special is the fact that Japanese men hold these specially held crackers in their hands, and then burn them( photo shows that)

Hanabi Matsuri


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