Japan Journal

Sitting Enclosure in front of Library

For a year, during 2005-06, I had the privilege of studying in Japan. The above Picture is of my University there. It is located in a place called Hamamatsu and I was tutored there by Prof. Dr. Naoto Sasaki. Very interesting days.This journal will cover my days there.

View From Tokoha Hall

We used to arrive directly by bus from Hamamatsu Station, right in front of Tokoha Hall and head to the Library. We were a small group and so our classes were held in the library itself.
To be contd...


WebSpace Wars

The Microsoft bid for Yahoo! brings to the fore the might of the Software giant. On an acquisition spree, Microsoft seems eager to gobble up Yahoo! now. With Ballmer at the helm, the takeover tactics will only become more hostile.

It is difficult to predict who will finally own Yahoo! (in my mind it a forgone conclusion that Yahoo! will be acquired). Jerry yang will find it difficult to appease shareholders, who can see more wealth with an MS acquisition. On the other hand, Google will try and eke out a deal so that Microsoft cannot stake claim on the internet superhighway, a highway on which it has very little traffic despite spending billions. The problems ascribed to this little traffic as many(lax attitude in reacting to customer needs, reactive state of operations and the simple and complete lack of innovation)

The webspace wars are here to stay. Only thing to watch out for is whether my address will read .hotmail.com in a few days or something else. For that time, let me roam with my Google car on the highway.


Into the wild

The internet has introduced the world to a lot of new terms. One of them is the torrent. What a wonder it is and how quickly one can download music and movies. Mininova happens to be my favorite site.
However, that is not the topic of this blog is. The topic of the Blog is

Chris Mcandless

I just watched the movie and despite what is said aboutMcandless in Wiki, truly loved the movie and the way Sean Penn has directed the movie. Kudos to Sean for a great achievement in movie direction. Rarely do great actors make the transition to great directors. Sean Penn has and hats off to him. Finally, Emile Hirsch can take a bow. What a performance. Love the movie.


Advertising Brouhaha

In recent times, advertising has created the biggest bang. It has ranged from cutting edge ads, to marketing departments depending on ad agencies to run their marketing vehicles. Ad agencies run the entire branding, creative and promotional engine. Kotler’s 4 Ps are product, price, promotion and place. The latter two are most days addressed by agencies and as for the former two, the product is designed by the company and price is set as per the market.
However, product and price are given least importance, and the push to sales will come from advertising. So the agency will set about creating a glib and superb campaign. Let me remark here that some of the material to come out is superb. However, my question is to most marketing managers. Is this what marketing is? I am sure some very erudite IIM, Harvard or Stanford may differ, yet in his heart he knows I am right to a great extent.



Microsoft seems to be fighting a losing battle. With Linux based solutions gaining precedence, Microsoft is up for a lot of trouble.
With a lax approach to customer care and an even more insensitive product bouquet Microsoft has ushered in a tough time for itself. Firefox and Mozilla are slowly but steadily gaining precedence over Internet explorer. Not only are they free, their add ons are absolutely mind blowing ( I am presently using scribefire to post on my wordpress blog, without even opening wordpress). The complete lack of tabbed browsing, coupled with the slowness of most functions on IE7 completes the troubled image of Microsoft.
With Yahoo! spurning their offer and Google totally dominating the internet business, MS is in for tough times. Their monopoly days with Windows are over ( The new Vista seems to perpetually be churning out problems). One can only wait and watch, to see how MS reacts. If not, Microsoft will only play catch up.


How to speak Australian

Funny is the only way that I can describe the Australian Reporting of the Harbhajan incident. Peter Lalor very ironically and sarcastically writes on how this verdict is being celebrated in India. He even tells us how Mrs. Kaur(Harbhajan’s Mom) celebrated. So Mr. Lalor, what do mom’s in Aussie do when their son gets cleared of charges, shoots him in the chest or abuses him.
Peter Roebuck, the now hated writer in Australia, in a change of face writes about how Australia have been undone by injustice. Why the change in stance Mr. Roebuck? I am pretty sure, some very behaved neighbors of his must have used great Aussie language.
Btw, about Mr. Symonds. He still says he is innocent, with a poker face in all photos clicked of him. Poor Symmo. You must understand that he is the reverend saint of Australians, the exemplary instance of how all Aussies are so well behaved.
So, I am also learning how to speak Australian. The simple logic for the fracas coming to an end is : DOLLARS. Symmo, Haydo and Punter saw it. Unfortunately, the language was Indian and they would have to bow down to get them. So in proper India, to all Aussies who racially discriminate, I repeat Bhajji’s word: Teri *** ki.
Sod off, aboriginal killers. Don’t preach to us. You happen to be racists of the highest order, and its time you sucked up to the truth.