Microsoft seems to be fighting a losing battle. With Linux based solutions gaining precedence, Microsoft is up for a lot of trouble.
With a lax approach to customer care and an even more insensitive product bouquet Microsoft has ushered in a tough time for itself. Firefox and Mozilla are slowly but steadily gaining precedence over Internet explorer. Not only are they free, their add ons are absolutely mind blowing ( I am presently using scribefire to post on my wordpress blog, without even opening wordpress). The complete lack of tabbed browsing, coupled with the slowness of most functions on IE7 completes the troubled image of Microsoft.
With Yahoo! spurning their offer and Google totally dominating the internet business, MS is in for tough times. Their monopoly days with Windows are over ( The new Vista seems to perpetually be churning out problems). One can only wait and watch, to see how MS reacts. If not, Microsoft will only play catch up.


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