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Back to photos! More pics from Ladakh. I will have more Japan photos uploaded in some days.


A time to act

I did not participate in the Gateway of India rally. Does that mean I don't care?? I care! Unfortunately my style of caring will not be approved by a lot of countries, prime amongst them being USA. I mean, why is Ms. Rice here? When the US was attacked did they listen? They bombed the shit out of Iraq. So why do we care to listen. If I were Manmohan Singh, I would launch a nuclear strike against Pakistan, a country which is simply a pain in the ass. It's rulers are myopic in their views, with no control over their own army and citizens, forget terrorists. So does a country like that deserve to breathe? The answer is NO! Bomb it or face constant terror attacks. Because Pakistan will continue training terrorists and no government in Pakistan dares stop them. Simply because they have the support of the army and ISI.

They keep asking for proof. Over these years, we have shown photos, videos and terrorist confessions. Yet, that is not 'credible' proof. It never will be. A country, which houses a leadership which wants proof some of the most dangerous criminals being even criminals does not deserve life. Bomb every nook and finish this. I, and I am sure I speak for the people of India have had enough of this terror. Launch 50 nukes, wipe them off the face of this earth. The earth will be a better place to live in. Not only for us, for the two-faced Americans also. IT'S TIME TO ACT

Sign on these two pledges if you care!!


A time for action

I break my usual photo blog routine. The reason is heart-breaking. Mumbai was attacked, and mercilessly! The photo above, of the Taj Hotel burning, sent shock waves through the heart of society.
Now, children are scared of going to school, mothers are afraid of sending them out, wives fear for their husbands and vice versa and siblings for each other. In a time like this, let me sum up what I feel is the situation and what should be done:

1) Indian intelligence is a sham and a name! They have no teeth and have not predicted anything anytime. Each time an attack happens, we get reports that they had inklings of the attack way back and were not heard. Seriously, are we stupid or just dumb to listen to these?? The system has failed and it's time we uprooted this rotting tree and set-up something way better, and manned by more competent officials.

2) I pour my entire scorn though on our so called Leaders. The only action that can be taken against them is this: take a bunch of people (make them Mumbai denizens), get them in line and wipe them all! Anything else will not work. Manmohan Singh will propose for a federal agency, the proposal will stall forever in parliament, and as usual nothing will happen. Even if it is set-up, it will be manned by some political buffoon, who was probably a cobbler, or is educated till the 2nd grade! Time we removed all these idiots and set up some educated people, who take action as our leaders.

3) Finally, I believe it is time for citizens to either take action against these bums acting as leaders. If not anything stop voting! I ain't gonna vote. People say my vote will make a difference, but which idiot do I vote for? So no vote in my life to any idiot. It's time people for action! Otherwise these attacks will keep happening and we will be told to be resilient. That is not a trait we should imbibe.

It's time not to be resilient! It's time for action! Against a bunch of nincompoop leaders, against a system which breeds corruption and against a leadership which never could take any action! Act people or it will be too late!


Ladakh Photos

More Ladakh photos



My parents just visited Ladakh. I thought of posting some photos from there too. Great place, awesome scenery and some of the best high altitude treks in th world (plan to trek next year over there)








Himachal Pradesh Trek-4

Picture 103

Picture 145

Picture 132

trek 131

trek 170


Himachal Pradesh Trek-3

trek1 012

Picture 133

Picture 102

Picture 107

trek 174


Himachal Pradesh Trek -2

I went along with a guide, a cook and the 'Horseman'. Great food and great trek,as you can envision from the photos. The Agency which sets this up, Himalayan Adventurers, is very highly recommended in the Lonely Planet Guide, and they do live up to their name. Great service at a very reasonable price. More photos below:

Picture 150

Picture 136

trek 159

trek 094


Himachal Pradesh Trek

I have been away for a trek to the Northern part of our country. Trekked a lot and took a lot of photos.

trek 208

trek 188

trek 183

trek 136


Japan Journal-8

I haven't posted for a very long time, owing to excessive work. I chanced upon some photos from Toyohashi, the place I stayed at. Thought I should put them up before I move to Osaka photos

Picture 049

Yamaya(it says so in Hiragana)- Booze shop par excellence :)

Picture 046

Restaurant called Costa-Rica- Both me and my girlfriend loved it. Lovely decor and light settings. The food of course is top class.

Picture 042

Maxvalu- Supermarket which we frequented at all possible hours.


Japan Journal-7

This post is contains the last set of photos from Lovely Kyoto.



This is Osaka and the lovely Universal Studios:




Useful Phrases for Japan

Japan is a heady mix of the old and the new. While the technology you see around is State-of-the-art, the customs and traditions of the Japanese people are still entwined and steeped in their own culture and tradition. What I found to be most interesting is that while many Japanese do know English, they refuse to speak it at most times, preferring to use Japanese. So, knowing a smattering of Japanese is advisable if you are visiting Japan. I have tried listing down some useful phrases (some you might have known, some you may not have) which you can use while in Japan


Hai- Yes
Iie- No
Arigato Gozaimasu (Please use this whenever possible)- Thank You
Ohayo Gozaimasu- Good Morning
Konnichiwa- Dual usage :Hi as well as Good Afternoon
Oyasuminasai- Good Night (Use sparingly)
Gochiso sama Deshita- To express satisfaction and gratitude after a meal
Itadakimasu - Literally means I receive ( Please use when a meal is served or when beginning a meal)
Gomen Nasai or Moshiwake Arimasen- Sorry( Again Use whenever possible)
Ikura Desu ka- How much is this ( For shopping :) )
Doko Desu ka- Where is it ( When asking for direction. Example: Shinjuku wa doko desu ka? )
Watashi no name wa Pushan desu- My name is Pushan
Pushan to Moshimasu- I am Pushan
Moshimoshi- Hello (On phone. Shortened to Moshimosh by the youth )

I will keep updating other phrases as I go along. My next post will be about the cultural aspects. Hope this helps. Please contact if you need any more phrases.


Kyoto Information

I thought that I could put up some useful information about Kyoto in my latest post:

Places to Visit:

Kyoto Station:
Futuristic, huge and great to spnd time in, Kyoto station is great to visit at the end of your journey. If you visit in early november, Christmas decorations make the place very light up.

Kinkaku-Ji- The famous Golden Pavillion temple is a must in Kyoto. However, there is a deadline of 5 PM( which we failed to meet). After this, you can enter the outer courtyard, but cannot actually go in. So make sure you do so. Also, Kinkaku-Ji is a bit farther away from the route on which we walked. So get thre early, but not too early as you may end up with school groups.

Kiyomizudera ( Kiyo-Pure, Mizu- Water, dera- temple)- Visiti for the magnificent view from the terrace and simply take in the view. If I remember correctly, the charges are Yen 500 for entry. try reaching early, if you are the spiritual kind, looking for some quiet.


Imperial Palace: Visit if you are a history buff. Has lots of historical stuff and dats about it.

Higashi Honganji: If you want a peek into the religious side of japan, take a look. Offers a great view and you should walk into the temple. I loved soaking in the quiet atmosphere, away from the hullabaloo outside

Heian Shrine: Beautiful is the only word. Replica of the imperial palace, but a shrine. Again, the familiar structures may bore you, but what I marvelled at is the color. You may face a conflict of interest here. This place has a sakura garden, which blooms in Spring. However, the best time to visit Kyoto is Autumn, to soak in the atmosphere.

Chionin Temple: Visit it for Japan's largest temple gate and temple bell. Try a pic from the top of the stairs, so that you can get a great view.

How to get around:
My instant suggestion is to walk. Take a walk down the Path of Philosophy. Kyoto is one of the best places to go around for a walk. I have posted a picture below. That is how I suggest you get around.


Most interesting is hand drawn rickshaws, drawn by enthusiastic young men. Also, take time out when you walk to look at the shops in the ryokans you pass by. They house shops of the most artistic kind. If ever you wanted to shop for Japanese artifacts, these are the best place. The artistry of Kyoto is unparalleled and its beauty is unmatched.

My Japanese sensei told us that Kyoto was one of the Nuclear Bomb targets during second world war but American Japanologists appealed against this. I shudder if it actually would have been bombed. earth would have lost one of its most beautiful places.


Japan Journal-6

My next set of photos from Kyoto. This place is so lovely. We went there in late October, landing in Kyoto at 9 AM in the morning. We walked for 8 hours and never took any sort of transport. We were guided by our respected Sensei, Prof. Dr. Naoto Sasaki. This is the last set of photos from Kyoto.






Japan Journal-5

For this post, not too many words. Only photos of Wonderful Kyoto in its Autumn grace