WebSpace Wars

The Microsoft bid for Yahoo! brings to the fore the might of the Software giant. On an acquisition spree, Microsoft seems eager to gobble up Yahoo! now. With Ballmer at the helm, the takeover tactics will only become more hostile.

It is difficult to predict who will finally own Yahoo! (in my mind it a forgone conclusion that Yahoo! will be acquired). Jerry yang will find it difficult to appease shareholders, who can see more wealth with an MS acquisition. On the other hand, Google will try and eke out a deal so that Microsoft cannot stake claim on the internet superhighway, a highway on which it has very little traffic despite spending billions. The problems ascribed to this little traffic as many(lax attitude in reacting to customer needs, reactive state of operations and the simple and complete lack of innovation)

The webspace wars are here to stay. Only thing to watch out for is whether my address will read .hotmail.com in a few days or something else. For that time, let me roam with my Google car on the highway.


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