How to speak Australian

Funny is the only way that I can describe the Australian Reporting of the Harbhajan incident. Peter Lalor very ironically and sarcastically writes on how this verdict is being celebrated in India. He even tells us how Mrs. Kaur(Harbhajan’s Mom) celebrated. So Mr. Lalor, what do mom’s in Aussie do when their son gets cleared of charges, shoots him in the chest or abuses him.
Peter Roebuck, the now hated writer in Australia, in a change of face writes about how Australia have been undone by injustice. Why the change in stance Mr. Roebuck? I am pretty sure, some very behaved neighbors of his must have used great Aussie language.
Btw, about Mr. Symonds. He still says he is innocent, with a poker face in all photos clicked of him. Poor Symmo. You must understand that he is the reverend saint of Australians, the exemplary instance of how all Aussies are so well behaved.
So, I am also learning how to speak Australian. The simple logic for the fracas coming to an end is : DOLLARS. Symmo, Haydo and Punter saw it. Unfortunately, the language was Indian and they would have to bow down to get them. So in proper India, to all Aussies who racially discriminate, I repeat Bhajji’s word: Teri *** ki.
Sod off, aboriginal killers. Don’t preach to us. You happen to be racists of the highest order, and its time you sucked up to the truth.


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