Japan Journal-7

This post is contains the last set of photos from Lovely Kyoto.



This is Osaka and the lovely Universal Studios:




Useful Phrases for Japan

Japan is a heady mix of the old and the new. While the technology you see around is State-of-the-art, the customs and traditions of the Japanese people are still entwined and steeped in their own culture and tradition. What I found to be most interesting is that while many Japanese do know English, they refuse to speak it at most times, preferring to use Japanese. So, knowing a smattering of Japanese is advisable if you are visiting Japan. I have tried listing down some useful phrases (some you might have known, some you may not have) which you can use while in Japan


Hai- Yes
Iie- No
Arigato Gozaimasu (Please use this whenever possible)- Thank You
Ohayo Gozaimasu- Good Morning
Konnichiwa- Dual usage :Hi as well as Good Afternoon
Oyasuminasai- Good Night (Use sparingly)
Gochiso sama Deshita- To express satisfaction and gratitude after a meal
Itadakimasu - Literally means I receive ( Please use when a meal is served or when beginning a meal)
Gomen Nasai or Moshiwake Arimasen- Sorry( Again Use whenever possible)
Ikura Desu ka- How much is this ( For shopping :) )
Doko Desu ka- Where is it ( When asking for direction. Example: Shinjuku wa doko desu ka? )
Watashi no name wa Pushan desu- My name is Pushan
Pushan to Moshimasu- I am Pushan
Moshimoshi- Hello (On phone. Shortened to Moshimosh by the youth )

I will keep updating other phrases as I go along. My next post will be about the cultural aspects. Hope this helps. Please contact if you need any more phrases.


Kyoto Information

I thought that I could put up some useful information about Kyoto in my latest post:

Places to Visit:

Kyoto Station:
Futuristic, huge and great to spnd time in, Kyoto station is great to visit at the end of your journey. If you visit in early november, Christmas decorations make the place very light up.

Kinkaku-Ji- The famous Golden Pavillion temple is a must in Kyoto. However, there is a deadline of 5 PM( which we failed to meet). After this, you can enter the outer courtyard, but cannot actually go in. So make sure you do so. Also, Kinkaku-Ji is a bit farther away from the route on which we walked. So get thre early, but not too early as you may end up with school groups.

Kiyomizudera ( Kiyo-Pure, Mizu- Water, dera- temple)- Visiti for the magnificent view from the terrace and simply take in the view. If I remember correctly, the charges are Yen 500 for entry. try reaching early, if you are the spiritual kind, looking for some quiet.


Imperial Palace: Visit if you are a history buff. Has lots of historical stuff and dats about it.

Higashi Honganji: If you want a peek into the religious side of japan, take a look. Offers a great view and you should walk into the temple. I loved soaking in the quiet atmosphere, away from the hullabaloo outside

Heian Shrine: Beautiful is the only word. Replica of the imperial palace, but a shrine. Again, the familiar structures may bore you, but what I marvelled at is the color. You may face a conflict of interest here. This place has a sakura garden, which blooms in Spring. However, the best time to visit Kyoto is Autumn, to soak in the atmosphere.

Chionin Temple: Visit it for Japan's largest temple gate and temple bell. Try a pic from the top of the stairs, so that you can get a great view.

How to get around:
My instant suggestion is to walk. Take a walk down the Path of Philosophy. Kyoto is one of the best places to go around for a walk. I have posted a picture below. That is how I suggest you get around.


Most interesting is hand drawn rickshaws, drawn by enthusiastic young men. Also, take time out when you walk to look at the shops in the ryokans you pass by. They house shops of the most artistic kind. If ever you wanted to shop for Japanese artifacts, these are the best place. The artistry of Kyoto is unparalleled and its beauty is unmatched.

My Japanese sensei told us that Kyoto was one of the Nuclear Bomb targets during second world war but American Japanologists appealed against this. I shudder if it actually would have been bombed. earth would have lost one of its most beautiful places.


Japan Journal-6

My next set of photos from Kyoto. This place is so lovely. We went there in late October, landing in Kyoto at 9 AM in the morning. We walked for 8 hours and never took any sort of transport. We were guided by our respected Sensei, Prof. Dr. Naoto Sasaki. This is the last set of photos from Kyoto.






Japan Journal-5

For this post, not too many words. Only photos of Wonderful Kyoto in its Autumn grace