Useful Phrases for Japan

Japan is a heady mix of the old and the new. While the technology you see around is State-of-the-art, the customs and traditions of the Japanese people are still entwined and steeped in their own culture and tradition. What I found to be most interesting is that while many Japanese do know English, they refuse to speak it at most times, preferring to use Japanese. So, knowing a smattering of Japanese is advisable if you are visiting Japan. I have tried listing down some useful phrases (some you might have known, some you may not have) which you can use while in Japan


Hai- Yes
Iie- No
Arigato Gozaimasu (Please use this whenever possible)- Thank You
Ohayo Gozaimasu- Good Morning
Konnichiwa- Dual usage :Hi as well as Good Afternoon
Oyasuminasai- Good Night (Use sparingly)
Gochiso sama Deshita- To express satisfaction and gratitude after a meal
Itadakimasu - Literally means I receive ( Please use when a meal is served or when beginning a meal)
Gomen Nasai or Moshiwake Arimasen- Sorry( Again Use whenever possible)
Ikura Desu ka- How much is this ( For shopping :) )
Doko Desu ka- Where is it ( When asking for direction. Example: Shinjuku wa doko desu ka? )
Watashi no name wa Pushan desu- My name is Pushan
Pushan to Moshimasu- I am Pushan
Moshimoshi- Hello (On phone. Shortened to Moshimosh by the youth )

I will keep updating other phrases as I go along. My next post will be about the cultural aspects. Hope this helps. Please contact if you need any more phrases.


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