Advertising Brouhaha

In recent times, advertising has created the biggest bang. It has ranged from cutting edge ads, to marketing departments depending on ad agencies to run their marketing vehicles. Ad agencies run the entire branding, creative and promotional engine. Kotler’s 4 Ps are product, price, promotion and place. The latter two are most days addressed by agencies and as for the former two, the product is designed by the company and price is set as per the market.
However, product and price are given least importance, and the push to sales will come from advertising. So the agency will set about creating a glib and superb campaign. Let me remark here that some of the material to come out is superb. However, my question is to most marketing managers. Is this what marketing is? I am sure some very erudite IIM, Harvard or Stanford may differ, yet in his heart he knows I am right to a great extent.


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