India: Fragmented it stands, united it falls

While India scripts a winning story as far as GDP growth is concerned, I doubt if India will remain India after some years. To say that this division began with Raj Thackeray asking for migrants from UP and Bihar to leave, would be biased. It started with the demand for Jharkhand by tribals in Bihar and a hundred other rubbish demands. The violence that it threatened to unleash, made the then government shudder and they relented. The same is the case with Uttaranchal and the same could be the case with Telengana.

India, throughout its history, has been a fragmented nation, divided by caste, creed, regionalism and religionalism.( We rave and rant over Harbhajan being called a racist. Ask him how many people has he scoffed at for reasons like region, language etc.) The British took advantage of this with their famous Divide and Rule policy. It helped them rule over India for over 100 years. In 1947, the nation seemed to have divested itself of this but it never really happened. These issues still simmered below the surface and it only needed a match to light the powder keg. This match(or matches) has now been struck in various regions of India. It only remains to be seen how long we can hold on to this myth of unity.

My advice is, enjoy this illusion for as long as you can. India will be divided into Western India( Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa), Central India( Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal), Northern India(Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and uttar Pradesh), Eastern India( Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa), North Eastern India( All north eastern States) and Southern India( Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh, karnataka etc.)

The gunpowder has just caught fire. It won't be long before the bomb blows up. However, there is a silver lining for the Chinese here. While we fight between ourselves, they can conquer India and rule us as the British did. Only this could be for longer, way longer.


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