Japan Journal 2

The photo below is of Tokoha Hall

Tokoha Hall

It was the tech mall of Hamamatsu University. We used to finish up our work on the internet and we had another great use for the place. There were these large comfy lounge sofas, which we used to catch up on sleep that we had missed. As soon as our bus from arrived at the university, we all made a beeline for this hall. The reasons varied from completing that yet unfinished project to just relaxing in the hall. (The loo also warrants a mention for its excellent heated seats)

After finishing our classes, we took a bus and went over back to Hamamatsu Station. I have attached a pic below:

Escalator to Hamamatsu Station

From this station, we took a train to Toyohashi, the place where we stayed.

Toyohashi happens to be in the middle of Japan's industrial belt and is sometimes called its heart. Its proximity to Toyota makes it extremely important and it also houses most of the Toyota Supplier companies. (I am fortunate to have worked in 4 of them). More on Toyohashi in a later post.

This was a 45 minute train ride(pics of the train in a later post) and then a further 15 minutes by a smaller train. We stayed in atypical Japanese apartment

Our Apartment

I say typical because it did not have door locks between rooms, with only sliding doors to keep out people. The floor, as you can see, had Tatami on it. You were supposed to take out all footwear and then walk onto it. (A rule which sometimes had to be broken in times of urgency) Even the god damn cupboards had no locks on it.

It happened to be one of the cheaper variety of apartments, and at $650 a month, we wondered what was mildly expensive (forget expensive). Let me end this entry with a view of the lay of the area around my Apartment.

View From my Apartment

You can see the road, followed by the greenery of a school ground.

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