Google maps- In the air

Having just got through 10 hours of flying in a week, I had a lot of time to mull over things.

The first thing that struck me was the bland map display on most airlines. I've noticed this while traveling on Singapore Airlines, and to my disappointment, things haven't changed much. Kingfisher Airlines, one of the few airlines in India with in-flight entertainment, has the same old bland map.

The above picture is just an example(source:

Which got me thinking. Why not have Google Maps in-flight also. With their superior features, and great geo-location facility, looking at that bland map could actually become exciting.

Here's how:
  • While traveling on a train , a airline passenger can see cities/towns he's crossing. He could do the same while flying
  • This could also be an educational supplement for children, who might learn something. Google could add some information to each city, which kids could glance at
  • Google can aid tourists by providing the drive-in facility. That way, no taxi driver could cheat you when you get off at your destination
  • Airlines can benefit by adding information about other cities they connect to, while you fly over them

Juts my thoughts.


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