A time to act

I did not participate in the Gateway of India rally. Does that mean I don't care?? I care! Unfortunately my style of caring will not be approved by a lot of countries, prime amongst them being USA. I mean, why is Ms. Rice here? When the US was attacked did they listen? They bombed the shit out of Iraq. So why do we care to listen. If I were Manmohan Singh, I would launch a nuclear strike against Pakistan, a country which is simply a pain in the ass. It's rulers are myopic in their views, with no control over their own army and citizens, forget terrorists. So does a country like that deserve to breathe? The answer is NO! Bomb it or face constant terror attacks. Because Pakistan will continue training terrorists and no government in Pakistan dares stop them. Simply because they have the support of the army and ISI.

They keep asking for proof. Over these years, we have shown photos, videos and terrorist confessions. Yet, that is not 'credible' proof. It never will be. A country, which houses a leadership which wants proof some of the most dangerous criminals being even criminals does not deserve life. Bomb every nook and finish this. I, and I am sure I speak for the people of India have had enough of this terror. Launch 50 nukes, wipe them off the face of this earth. The earth will be a better place to live in. Not only for us, for the two-faced Americans also. IT'S TIME TO ACT

Sign on these two pledges if you care!!




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