A time for action

I break my usual photo blog routine. The reason is heart-breaking. Mumbai was attacked, and mercilessly! The photo above, of the Taj Hotel burning, sent shock waves through the heart of society.
Now, children are scared of going to school, mothers are afraid of sending them out, wives fear for their husbands and vice versa and siblings for each other. In a time like this, let me sum up what I feel is the situation and what should be done:

1) Indian intelligence is a sham and a name! They have no teeth and have not predicted anything anytime. Each time an attack happens, we get reports that they had inklings of the attack way back and were not heard. Seriously, are we stupid or just dumb to listen to these?? The system has failed and it's time we uprooted this rotting tree and set-up something way better, and manned by more competent officials.

2) I pour my entire scorn though on our so called Leaders. The only action that can be taken against them is this: take a bunch of people (make them Mumbai denizens), get them in line and wipe them all! Anything else will not work. Manmohan Singh will propose for a federal agency, the proposal will stall forever in parliament, and as usual nothing will happen. Even if it is set-up, it will be manned by some political buffoon, who was probably a cobbler, or is educated till the 2nd grade! Time we removed all these idiots and set up some educated people, who take action as our leaders.

3) Finally, I believe it is time for citizens to either take action against these bums acting as leaders. If not anything stop voting! I ain't gonna vote. People say my vote will make a difference, but which idiot do I vote for? So no vote in my life to any idiot. It's time people for action! Otherwise these attacks will keep happening and we will be told to be resilient. That is not a trait we should imbibe.

It's time not to be resilient! It's time for action! Against a bunch of nincompoop leaders, against a system which breeds corruption and against a leadership which never could take any action! Act people or it will be too late!


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