Vodafone Sucks

I've really had it with Vodafone. This post comes after about 8-10 complaints to them. Here's what I think about them:

  1. Don't care about the customer
  2. Advertise falsely
  3. Don't care to respond back
  4. Call center executives are always looking to shove off customers
  5. Most call center executives are dumb beyond belief
  6. Lack of communications
  7. Don't want to solve problems

False advertising: They've put up boards all around my office, as well as in office, advertising .50 paise STD rates. To avail them, you need to contact their call center and top up a Rupee 49 amount. When I did call up, the executive, Anil, told me that there was no such scheme existent for postpaid, and even in prepaid, I had to go for a certain plan. When I told him about the advertising, he simply started repeating my rental plan back to me. After insisting that I was not a moron, and that I knew about my own plan, I asked to be transferred to the manager. Pat came the reply " The manager is in a meeting" .
This is their standard reply, and they have no other when faced with no answers

Billing: While shifting from Mumbai to Hyderabad, I made sure that I informed them that I wanted to terminate my connection. Their call center directed me to their store, where I did go to, in Mira Road Bhayander. After checking my outstanding, they asked me to pay that amount, and then confirmed that my account had no outstanding and it was closed.
Voila! Next month I received my bill asking for a further payment of Rupee 150. Though not concerned by the amount, I called them up, and asked the reason why I was being charged this. At this point I was in Hyderabad, and the call center in Hyderabad asked me to speak with the Mumbai one. So, I spent 20 bucks, called their center, and spoke to another nitwit named Saif. He was as usual unable to solve my problem, and as already stated, when I summoned the manager, He/She was in a meeting.

Connectivity: I was facing call drops, and called up, and got the same sort of dis satisfactory reply. Connectivity remained the same and I continued facing call drops

I am not alone though. I've taken some links highlighting the pains one faces when they take Vodafone. As I have told Vodafone, unfortunately, this is India, and I cannot sue them for these. Otherwise, they happen to be on of the worst Mobile service providers on the planet.

Other aggrieved customers:
  1. www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/vodafone-india-c19306.html
  2. www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/vodafone-india-c33126.html
  3. www.consumercourt.in/.../3340-complaint-against-vodafone-customer-care.html
  4. http://broadbandforum.in/vodafone-india-mobile/52947-my-fight-against-vodafone-india-and-lessons-learnt/
  5. www.mobileindia.info/.../vodafone-india-hutch-prepaidpostpaid-customer-care-info.html 

 Note: These are 5 out of 443,000 results in an India specific Google search. 

And oh, they are NOT "HAPPY TO HELP" 


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